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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Won Miss Congeniality at Miss Universe!

I am back and with photos! I can't begin on saying how awesome the experience was!!!!

[Below: Maria Al-Masani pics photographed by Fadil Beshera, Halle Berry's photographer]

[Maria Al-Masani, below. Beautiful tall blonde is Elena, Miss Universe Canada]

Maria Al-Masani winning Miss Congeniality, first Yemeni-Canadian to do so.

The bottom two are by Photographer Extrodinaire, Nick Allum

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Final days before competition

I have been at the gym almost every day.

I am nervous. I am putting my things together, attaching the last peacock feathers to a dress, hemming another, ironing. I am fretting. I hope I have everything. I am packing my suitcase. I had a reception at Hy's to mourn the death of my father and for good-luck a the pageant. Next day, a photo-shoot.

One of my two designers, is Yves-Jean Lacasse, who is phenomenal. His clothes are stunning and his atlier is like a living museum, where cultures flow through each other as verse. I don't know how he does it all! Photos coming up.

Also, spent some time at the beach.

Worked. Nervous. Very nervous. I hope I have everything. I have no idea what to expect. Below is Aida, who fitted argueably the world's most beautiful evening gown on me. It does contain a sari, and is approximantely 10 metres of fabric... or more if you include the lining. I applied over 100 crystals, she is sewing beads today. It is a lot of work, but it is beautiful. Here is a photo of her taking my measurements. The blouse and suit-pants are not to be mistaken for the beautiful gown she made. She also made that gown for Barbie at 50, and was the winner of Ottawa Project Runway. She is phenomenal.