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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Aida Flores' work, who will design my evening gown #1. Yves Jean Lacasse (Envers) evening gown#2 and suit designer is below.

DSC_0215.jpg (image)[DSC_0215.jpg]

Yves Jean Lacasse

My three designers are Aida Flores and Yves Jean Lacasse(Envers)...and myself for a couple modest cocktail dresses. I used to design.

Aida Flores won the award for best designer for project Runway in Ottawa, and Yves Jean won best up-and-coming designer at New York Fashion week.

Aida Flores (bottom left)

Yves Jean Lacasse's work. He has influences of the silk road that went through Yemen, Russia and the Middle East. I looked at his clothes and saw my soul, I never thought something so profound could happen with a garment.

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