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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Aden footage- discretion advised

Feb 25 Aden, more videos from Qutaiba Shihab.

Doctors attempt to save life of shot civilian

The father of the unarmed civilian youth shot in the head, Mohammed Mouneer, saying his good byes to his son in the hospital before his son is buried,

I try not to get emotional about this work, try to save lives ... but that video above was the first picture that made me cry. Mohammed Mouneer's father will never see grandchildren or whether Mohammed becomes an engineer, finish his studies. There is nothing that can justify a life so young cut so senselessly and poignantly short. Footage of causality, man in 30s shot in the head, hole in scull, possibly the deputy director of the electric company in Aden, died

Doctors trying to save another civilian shot in the head with bullet, scull damage, died Aden

Repost of Aden video of citizens trying to get an injured man bleeding on the street care and being shot at

More footage on Page 2 of blog

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