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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recommended Reads

I saw this, this is awesome!

And sad. But Awesome. A report on how jobs are mainly created in alternative energy, how China is big on that, how most jobs are created there and we are simply not investing.

If government fails, it's a government failure, so the economist in me turns to the markets. I think corporations who believe in the eco-friendly like Telus and Scotia Bank should band together and have a prize for development and promotion of excellent Canadian projects like tidal wave conservation off of New Foundland and Nova Scotia and Canadian innovation. If you have a good small company, good competitive invention - what would it cost telus to send them off to an international trade show. Every large corporation has a charity budget. Scotia Bank could even profit from their stocks if they promote these ethical efficient entities. It's win win win. Make money, create jobs and clean the environment.

Former Liberal MP Omar Alghabra posted this on his facebook. Very fascinating article. "wow. They care more about using their logo than the dangers of asbestos" -Omar Alghabra . Part of the problem is finding jobs for asbestos producers. Banning abestos and causing mass unemployment in Quebec is not a win-win solution. This is where a public-private partnership comes in. The green economy is hot, Brazil, China, emerging powers investing it it like crazy, a German firm also recently created jobs in Southern Ontario. I propose supporting a green-tech firm like building solar panels and photovoltaic technology and retrain workers. Then close. A win-win!

Also, on other news, I saw eco-friendly house cleaning products. I tried them. They work. Medium efficiency, average but they leave no smell. I can breath and clean! Yay! Next off, tackle the oven!!! I don't know if its greenwashing if they are bad for the run off or not, but I do now enjoy cleaning the apartment without chocking at the smell of toxic chemicals. More later. My goal in the future is to try out different affordable green products, find their origin and find 1) are they are really green 2) are they good for you 3) do they work and post on the blog.

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