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Friday, October 15, 2010

Madbakh, the Queen, at the Hague

Halima with the mayor of the Hague, and a delegate from Madbakh of Toronto, in the Hague, Netherlands!!!! (Below, Michael Ignatieff at a Madbakh Women International event).

Halima with Her Excellency Queen Elizabeth II of England (far bottom).

So Halima Saad, our executive director, and a colleague of ours went as delegate to the metropolis conference in the Netherlands. They gave a presentation on Madbakh Women, both the local initiative empowering visible minority immigrants in Toronto, and the hospital in Borama.

On the Metropolis Project:

The International Metropolis Project

The International Metropolis Project is an international network of researchers, policy officials and NGOs sharing a common vision of enhancing migration and diversity policy by applying empirical social science research. It will help us to better understand the implication for immigrants and societies overall of processes of migration and integration.

Annual Conferences
Our international conferences represent the largest annual gathering of experts in the fields of migration and diversity. In addition to a comprehensive study tour program, and just under 100 workshops, our plenary programme offers access to the thoughts, challenges, and prescriptions of some of the world’s key experts.

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