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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aden videos of Feb25 massacre: caution, graphic

Here are some of the videos: It must be recorded to stop the violence and take those who caused this to court.

Ayman Al-Nageeb, one of those who were hit in Aden by the security forces. You see here medics trying to save his life . from Maala casualty

Aden protest turns deadly- march and killing¬if_t=group_activity#!/video/video.php?v=167530036629551&comments protest turns deadly

Kid younger than 10 shot, paramedics trying to save lives 25 feb aden

Protests continue as protestors being shot at 3 am

People trying to pick up dying person off street as they are being shot at

Trying to save a life of protestor -dead today Feb 26-


  1. Today's shootings Feb 28, Tienanmen Square pose.

  2. Great Blog. Keep on informing.