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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fashion Design

  • I am now taking sewing/couture lessons at Darrell Thomas. My instructor is phenomenal, has a great understanding of couture. Meanwhile Darrell Thomas has an exquisite boutique collection of couture fabrics. It is like being in a candy-store. I linger around the fabric store near the class gawking at fabrics until they tell me, sorry, we are closing.

I am leaning fashion design to learn what it takes to make a garment. I hope that combined with micro-credit, sewing machines are the new women's liberation for in developing countries. An example would be in Somalia, at the Borama National Fistula Hospital's micro-credit program. I am trying my best to understand this very practical skill, and teach it to others. I wrote my thesis on micro-finance. We give micro-credit for women to learn a skill and start a business that can be marketable internationally... but what skill besides finance could I teach them. A skill that is practical and needed everywhere. Answer: Sewing!

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