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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Medic killed in Afghanistan

Karen Woo holding a baby at The French Medical Institute for Children in Kabul

A foreign doctor is killed in Afghanistan. It happened to a friend of mine in Yemen who was very dedicated to the people of Yemen, Martha Meyers. She said her biggest fear was to leave Yemen, but in Yemen she was assassinated.

When two elephants fight, it is always the grass that suffers. This is NOT about religion, but it is about politics and power. As foreign military forces, from Alexander the Great, to the Persians to the British to the Russians, then Americans, have all spilled the blood of innocent Afghan civilians.

Some times it was spilled by accident, sometimes on purpose with the intention of instilling fear, sometimes out of anger. It shocked the civilian population, who later became desensitized enough that when a local group tried to seize power, using equally violent and outrageous means became perfectly acceptable. After all the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. When it come to bad boys, our boy is our boy, and by definition better than theirs. This makes such crimes excusable, not altogether illegal.

Violence, whether it is domestic abuse, war crimes, treating adults like children, genocide or killing doctor is all the same. It is always about one and only one thing: control. It is usually perpetuated by those who desperately want control, but are lack security in some way, lack legitimacy, lack both resources and morals, have ego problems, and/or lack conditions vital to human existence such as housing, shelter, etc. I try to blame anyone, as blaming is unproductive and I have never seen blaming improve any situation. Rather I try to analyze root causes and try to develop a plan of eliminating the problem.

Corruption or backing it has to stop, accidental bombing of weddings has to stop first. Doctors have to be associated not with the problem: bombing, violence, corruption, torture, ...but with the solution, and should have the protection of native tribal leaders of the area.

It is so sad that some people are so focused on themselves and their own goals, that they become sociopathic killers, and kill hundreds. By killing that doctor, not only did they kill the doctors, but the patients who desperately need the treatment.

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